Welcome to Elemental Imports

At Elemental Imports we are committed to the environment. All of our products have been hand selected to ensure that our products do not adversely affect the environment and are safe for us to use. We believe that in our quest for better, cheaper and healthier products we as the human species must do what we can to ensure that our environment is sustained for future generations.

Who we are

We bring value integrity and pure luxury to your everyday lives

Our vision is simple; a world with no garbage.. a rain forest that thrives, and a world where every child has a fair opportunity to do something really great… Grow up and be healthy!

At Elemental Imports we strive to source only the best quality eco-friendly, environmentally responsible products available on our planet

Our Mission

Our Mission, not so simple, as sustainablity does not always follow the business plan of being profitable… is to scour the globe ito locate luxury items that will help our planet remain sustainable.  In that global quest we must also assume the social responsability of educator in order to provide our customers with the correct information so they can make informed decisions on the products they purchase and their influence on the environment.

We will accomplish our mission by;

Offering discount pricing, combined order processing for volume discounts and offer extremely competitive shipping rates direct, door to door

Why Buy Peruvian Pima Cotton?

Pima Cotton and specifically Peruvian Pima cotton is prized all around the world as a luxury fiber and is called ‘gamuza’ by the Peruvians, meaning suede in Spanish because of its silky soft feel and brilliant luster. The silky soft feel is a result of the excellent growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of Peru where it is cultivated.

Harvested by hand

Peruvian pima cotton is harvested by hand, resulting in a brilliant white shade that can be easily dyed. Cotton harvested industrially leaves scratchy impurities, which affect smoothness and creates a yellowish color to the fiber. This fiber is classified as luxury because of its 1 7/8″ length, ordinary cottons measure half to three quarters as much in length.

Plumas Luxury Bedding exclusively Imported to Canada by Elemental Imports

Plumas Luxury BeddingElemental Imports introduces the Plumas Line of luxury Bedding to Canada. Plumas is currently engaged as the number one supplier of luxury bedding to all the 5 star hotels in Peru. with Veteran Designer Natalie Barhumi behind the wheel, this fast paced, high gear luxury bedding has to be one of the top designs in the world. Click the thumbnail to watch the video >>