Whether it is our fine baby alpaca or Pima cotton, anyone will feel comfortably stylish wearing Elemental Imports gear.


Alpaca is sheared once a year from the Alpaca animal, native to the South American Andes Mountains (Peru). It is five times warmer than sheep wool and considered more luxurious than cashmere. It’s a strong and resilient fiber, making it ideal for golf as it has more thermal capacity and breathability than almost any other animal fiber. Alpaca is best hand washed or Dry-Cleaned.



Cashmere comes from the Kashmir goat – which resides in the upper altitudes/mountains of Inner Mongolia (China). Cashmere is also considered a rare fiber. Like Alpaca – harvest of the hair is dependent on many environmental conditions. Most spinners/manufacturers blend Cashmere with other fibers – namely wool – and still call it 100% Cashmere. Cashmere is best hand laundered or dry-cleaned.


Cotton/Tencel or Lyocell

A perfect blend of natural fibres consisting of pure long staple cotton and fibre spun from wood pulp creating a natural fibre product with the drape of a synthetic. Machine washable.


Pima Cotton

Pima Cotton is Elemental Imports signature fiber. It is the base of our Golf Shirts and Cotton Sweaters. Pima Cotton is prized all around the world as a luxury fiber because of its silky soft feel and brilliant luster. The feel of the cotton is a result of the excellent growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys where it is cultivated. Peruvian Pima Cotton is harvested by hand, resulting in a brilliant white shade that can be easily dyed. Cotton harvested industrially leaves scratchy impurities, which affect smoothness and creates a yellowish color to the fiber. This fiber is classified as luxury because of its 1 3/8” length, ordinary cottons measure half to three quarters as much in length.



Linen is one of the oldest textile fibers known – it has been around for more than 4,000 years. It is cooler, stronger and more absorbent than cotton. It is woven from threads made from the flax plant.



These are generic fiber categories defined by the Federal Trade Commission as a manufactured fiber composed of regenerated cellulose as well as manufactured fibers. Originally known as artificial silk, these fibers are characterized by their high absorbency, bright or dull luster, pleasant hand or feel, good draping qualities and the ability to be dyed in bright colors. These fibers can be machine or hand washed and perform best when laid flat to dry. Commercial dry cleaning is also ok.