At Elemental Imports, we are committed to the environment.  All of our products have been hand selected to ensure that our products do not adversely affect the environment and are safe for us to use.  We believe that in our quest for better, cheaper and healthier products we as the human species must do what we can to ensure that our environment is sustained for future generations.

Our sourcing division scours the globe, seeking to find the very best that our planet has to offer.  From the depths of the Amazon, to peaks of the mountainous regions and onward to the sea, we ensure that nature comes first as we believe that without nature, we wouldn’t be here.

On this global quest, we have been able to source some of the finest quality goods.  Many of our guides and indigenous scouts have been using many of our products in a natural state for centuries, be it mud from the Amazon Rivers, volcanic ash from active volcanoes, hard woods from replanted sustainable rain forests, Bio-diesel extracted from plants that grow in marsh or non-food crop lands.

Our production and sourcing processes employ the local and indigenous people to help ensure that our prices remain competitive whilst providing work for many less fortunate hard working individuals, groups and families.  This helps to ensure that our workers strive to bring you the best products.  Our people are our families as we provide profit sharing for all employees no matter what their duty is.

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple; it is to provide our customers with the best quality products, for the best possible price, without compromising the environment or quality of our products.

We at Elemental Imports want our customers to be happy.  To ensure this happens, our buyers are constantly scouring the globe trying to find quality products.  Our shipping department ensures those products get delivered in a cost effective, efficient manner.