#01 Type of Weave

When choosing for some new luxury linens one of the very first thing to consider should be the type of weave of the fabric. This is the actual way each and every single thread is woven into a fabric fine texture. It is an often overlooked feature that can make a big difference on the way made up luxury bedding products look and feel.

#02 Thread Count

THREAD COUNT: This is the number of threads per square inch both vertical and horizontal in a one-inch square of fabric. The higher the thread count (or TC) the softer and more lustrous the fabric and the more durable and less prone to shrinkage. Thread count can range from anywhere between 80-1500 thread count. By twisting two fibres together mills can double the thread count of a fabric. By twisting three fibres together they can triple it and so on, so some 1000 Thread count sheets are actually 330 Thread Count 3-ply or 250 Thread Count 4-ply. The highest thread count that can be woven into a single ply is 1500tc and if you can find a set of these, then you’ve found yourself a great set of sheets (depending on the cotton used).


Although thread count is very important, thread counts alone is not the only factor to consider when purchasing a set of sheets. One must take into consideration the type of cotton used and the “ply” of the sheets. The term “ply” refers to the number of single fibres twisted together before it is woven into a fabric.Single-ply sheets are woven with a single ply long-staple (ELS) cotton fibers for superior levels of quality, durability and softness. These ultra fine yarns of cotton are silkier, softer and more lustrous. We use the thinnest possible Egyptian cotton yarn woven in the most advanced weaving looms to create a true master piece in beddings. At Elemental Imports, we stand behind the Plumas designed bedding, we are proud of the quality of our sheets and guarantee that what we say is what we sell!