Elemental Imports is pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent with R & R Enterprises, the holding company that has 100% ownership of franchise CrazyWrapz.  This letter of intent is for EI to supply R & R Enterprises with EI’s Flagship Cleaning product,  Elemental Degreaser.

When director Kevin Shankland provided a sample of the degreaser to restaurant owner Rishi Khosla, Rishi was more that pleased with the results.  “Wow, this is amazing, it cleaned everything.  Heck it even cleaned my bucket.  I’ll take 3 gallons”.  When the costs were compared, it was an easy sell. 1 Gallon of Elemental Degreaser Makes 64 RTU Qts. @ only $0.75/Qt.

When asked the question, ‘How do you get from textiles to Enviro Cleaner?’

EI’s response ‘We are an importer/exporter of Eco-friendly products.  When we read the MSDS sheet, and found a product that is 100% organic, bio degradable and certified carcinogen free, we knew we had to have it in our product line.  Our children’s health and future depend on products like this.’.

Business as usual

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