Elemental Imports is pleased to announce our 1st ever Solstice Special.  With summer winding down, fall upon us and winter around the corner, EI recently ran a special for existing customers, friends and family.  EI is offering 25% discount and free shipping to Calgary and area, just in time for the changing of the seasons.

Why a solstice special instead of a Christmas special?

“We believe in the environment and our planet, not the frenzy that is accompanied with the manic rush to shop for gifts in the current  holiday traditions.  Our products are good for the environment because they are sustainable.  I guess it’s just a different view of what the season is all about.  We wanted to help bring people back to that which sustains our life being, the seasons and the earth.”

Nov is a little early to be planning for xmas, err Solstice isn’t it?

“All our products are imported from South America.  We are currently dealing in 2 countries with multiple suppliers.  We could not guarantee that our customers orders would be delivered by Dec 25.  Well we could air freight items but then we would not be able to offer the low pricing for the special”.

How long does your sale run?

“The sale will continue until Dec 31 but the free shipping ends this weekend.  I am sure there will be other sales, but it is doubtful if we will be able to offer 100% free shipping to Calgary, as we have recently secured wholesale pricing from our manufacturers in South America.  That allowed us to pass some savings on to our customers. We have a great product and we have established some excellent working relationships with our suppliers and we want our friends and customers to be the beneficiaries of our hard work”.

Your website has changed quite a bit, but it’s not completed yet.  When do you expect to introduce all your product lines?

“We will be introducing new products as we secure contracts, ensure supply and evaluate logistics.  Our website wasn’t 100% complete when we rushed the Solstice Special in order to meet Xmas deadlines.  It is still not fully competed as we are constantly evolving, going back to our web design team and changing things on them.  It is functional, and it works but needs some aesthetics and minor tweaking I’ve been told.  Our issue is that our E commerce provider can not offer bulk discount rates without going to a third party provider.  Hopefully that will all be rectified in the new year, but you know computer guys ha…”.

Solstice Special

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